Understand your asset lifecycle

See the lifecycle events in one place, and compare asset performance to the overall fleet. Identify usage patterns across your customer base, and the impact they have on your assets.

Uncover trends about common faults and parts replaced

You provide us with your raw servicing data. We do the hard work for you to identify trends, providing you with consolidated and easy-to-sort data to help you make crucial product and manufacturing decisions.

Predict utilisation

Using information on lifecycles, contract performance, and usage trends, Twist can give you a heads up on upcoming changes in fleet and part utilisation.

Measure your  fleet’s impact

Be equipped to tell your sustainability story. Get actionable insights and advice if your fleet needs improvement, and track the progress of changes you make.

Track the cashflow performance of each asset

Servicing needs, downtime and contract schedules vary per asset in a producer ownership model, making it difficult to track asset performance. Twist combines this information to give you a singular view of your asset’s cashflow performance.

...and compare costs to the overall fleet

Identify underperforming assets and compare to overachievers to understand how to improve performance.

Access financing

In addition to gaining insights about your assets, combining your data sources in Twist gives you the opportunity to scale your fleet using Twist Financing, which is tailored for producer owned model.