Make more from your products

Our toolkit unlocks the economic and environmental benefits of producer ownership. This data lets us provide non-dilutive financing you can use to grow your business.

Lifecycle analytics

Twist's tools and integrations pull in and make sense of the most critical data across your product's lifecycle. Drive more value from your products and reduce waste.

Finance your fleet

The data we gather lets you access non-dilutive financing for new products or overcome working capital issues. Trade the future value of your product lifecycles for cash today.

A plan for every product & part

Twist lets you trigger actions off the back of events in the lifecycle, letting you collaborate smoothly with partners.

What our customers say
It has been incredibly helpful to see all our product data in one snapshot via the Twist dashboard. We've been able to understand our products' usage, plan for their lifecycles and ensure our customers are getting the most of them.

Twist has even helped us finance our next product units meaning we can iterate and scale faster.

— Gloria Kraus
CEO, Hollbium
Backed by the best in hardware & sustainability

Why Producer Ownership?

Climate compatible consumption

Producer ownership allows producers to take responsibility for their products longevity and eventual end of life.
Producer ownerships solves the systemic waste of our current linear economy, reducing the emissions of producers by up to 65%.
Only 15% of electronics end up being recycled and even more are left unused. These products' resources should be accounted for.

Performance driven & customer-centric

Reduce the barrier to using your product. Keep them around for longer by guaranteeing the best experience.
Subscription models enable you to build relationships with your customers and unlock better product lifetime value.
Get rewarded for building more sustainable and longer lasting products. Use product lifecycle data to get you there.

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