Rapidly scale your fleet. Eliminate waste.

We give you analytics and financing to go big and use less.

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Power your growth, in three steps:



Digitize your products lifecycle, connect your systems and build new inputs.



Make smarter decisions with a live view of your fleet.



Access tailored financing to grow, without dilution.


See new views of your business

Twist tracks each product in your fleet. Your data – contracts, payments, servicing, IoT, whatever you have – connects to our schema, and our models show you which levers to pull.

Identify new metrics, and know when to take action.

You'll be empowered to better manage the lifecycles of your products, maximise your returns, and reduce your environmental impact.

With Twist Analytics you can:

Decarbonise, with a live view of your impact

Reduce your cost of ownership

Forecast your future value and costs


Supercharge your growth.

Access your fleet's future earnings now with custom financing. Bypass the pains of longer payback periods.

We smooth out your cashflow by financing your product's earnings upfront. You'll be able to access customised repayments backed by your fleet's data.

We invest in you, so you can make more from what you make.


Capex funded by Twist

Twist loan repayments

Fleet revenue

We partner with you on your journey towards more profitable and climate compatible hardware production.

Producer Ownership.
The future of hardware.

Producer ownership. It takes responsibility for a product's lifecycle away from consumers, and lets producers unlock massive economic and environmental benefits.

About Producer Ownership

Reduce the sales barrier

Instead of large upfront costs. You can start generating repeat revenue and insights. In a model that can rapidly scale.


producer owned


Up to a 65% CO2 savings when producer ownership is optimized for circularity and resource efficiency.


producer owned

Increase value

We've seen as high as a 320% increase in return from your products. When you extend your products life through repair, recovery and remanufacturing.


producer owned

Easy to use.
Hard to replicate.

Twist has the tools for you to get started today.

That's because we have a proven toolkit – our schema, AI models, and financing – is ready-to-go. We'll partner with you to adapt those tools to your business and ways of working.

"It has been incredibly helpful to see all our product data in one snapshot via the Twist dashboard. We've been able to understand our products' usage, plan for their lifecycles and ensure our customers are getting the most of them. Twist has even helped us finance our next product units meaning we can iterate and scale faster. "

— Gloria Kraus, Hollbium CEO