Raise structured finance faster

Partner with us to design and simulate financial products, credit policies, and protocols tailored for institutional capital. Then leverage our extensive capital markets network to get the funding you need to scale-up your operations.


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Save time & Money

No need to build out your own tools and processes. No matter how complex your structure, our platforms setup to let you raise in a professional and timely manner.

Setup for scale

With Twist you can collaborate with lenders quicker than before to get to the right structure for scaling.


Streamline your transaction operations with a professional platform that explains your business and raise. With AI powered tools that will set you apart from the competition.


An integrated suite of tools for raising structured finance

Share with our network of investors

We work with an extensive network of lenders, fit for all manner of climate related securities.

Seamlessly sync your data

We sync data from your accounts to IoT, enabling you to effortlessly build data models and share simulations, all informed by real data.

Audit trail

Stay compliant with a trail of each action on platform.

Manage permissions

Manage investor access down to the data point.

Illustrate the opportunity

Collaborate with lenders using interactive and intelligent models stored in the cloud.

AI powered

Make lenders decision process easier. With handy summaries and queries on your data room from documents to P&L statements.


Add unlimited users to validate your counterparty workflows.

Manage Investors

Run a secure process with NDA signing and advanced analytics handled on platform. With tools to minimise the need for investors to download files, you can be sure your secrets are safe with us.


Say goodbye to data silos and struggling to keep everyone in the loop on the latest docs. With powerful version control and unlimited users, you'll can be sure everyone's got latest models and experiments so you can close quicker.

Statistical Models

Get an auto-updating statistical models for your raise that adapt to changes in terms or assumptions.

Tailor-Made for Climate Tech

Model both your environmental & economic impact with greater accuracy. Using your existing data and our models, you can build simulations on everything cashflow to carbon.

Taxonomy alignment

Easily show your alignment with SBTI's or EU taxonomies that your funder may require.

New data driven lending possibilities

Quickly build a structure that leverages the data within your business. With Twist, you can do away with the back and forth and collaborate in real-time on our platform.


Build digital protocols for redundancy, insurance, or other counterparty risk.

Digital credit agreement

Get a digitised view of your deliverables and structure that you can model from.

Fractional Capital Markets resource

Work with our team of experts to fill in gaps you may have in your team.

Customer Stories

Stories from successful facilities


Twists in our reporting capabilities provided us with perfect accuracy quickly and a broader scope for structuring.

Richard - CFO

Tier 1 Bank

Twist makes assessing complex deals much easier. Connecting to live data gives us so much opportunity for creative structuring.

Tier 1 Bank


Twist transformed our reporting processes saving us time, money and stress.

CEO - John Aspenar

Capital for Climate

The backend for to effectively interface with capital markets

Complex transactions shouldn’t rely on a mess of spreadsheets and PDF’s. Speed up the process with purpose built tools to raise and manage your asset-backed facility.

Close debt funding faster


Great capital markets relationships are fostered on Twist. Find the right partner and build a plan for scale.

Automated debt capital operations


Twist streamlines your financial operations, automating the deliverables set out in your credit agreement.

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If you're on either side of an asset-based facility, we have the tools and team to assist you.