Automate your debt capital operations

Automate the reporting, data cleaning and management tasks to free your team up and stay compliant. Create a centralised resource for your capital markets operations to help you prepare for the next raise.


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Save time & Money

No need to build out your own tools and processes. No matter how complex managing your facility is, Twist has the tools to streamline and automate.

Drive Growth

Use real-time data and powerful statistical models to optimise your asset allocation. Quickly forecast and monitor scenarios using your data.

Increase liquidity

Get financial access with full compliance. This flexibility, enables your company to respond swiftly to market opportunities and challenges.


Automate the servicing of your credit agreement


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Backup servicing

Twist can act as a backup servicer, which will likely be a requirement of your agreement.

Data cleaning & reconciliation

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Central document repository

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Borrowing Base Reporting

Save hours each month by connecting your asset and bank data and automating your borrowing base reports.


Automate testing of financial and information covenants.

Taxonomy alignment

We make navigating and aligning to Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and EU Taxonomies easy.

Funding requests

Maximise your funding availability. Handle draw requests with just a few clicks.

Asset tapes

Collect full tapes on your assets that are set up to unlock cheaper and easier financing in the future.

Never miss a deliverable

Keep track of all upcoming debt capital deliverables, including servicer reports and quarterly financial statements.

Carbon & circularity reporting

Get ahead on new environmental reporting requirements before your next facility.

Leverage AI to see what's next

Twist lets you alerts, insights driven by powerful predictive models. Keeping you one step ahead of future covenant breaches or helping you plan for funding requests.


Set alerts to Slack, email or on platform for any action, data point or threshold.

Customer Stories

Stories from successful facilities


Twists in our reporting capabilities provided us with perfect accuracy quickly and a broader scope for structuring.

Richard - CFO

Tier 1 Bank

Twist makes assessing complex deals much easier. Connecting to live data gives us so much opportunity for creative structuring.

Tier 1 Bank


Twist transformed our reporting processes saving us time, money and stress.

CEO - John Aspenar

Markets we serve

The backend for effectively interfacing with capital markets

Say goodbye to ill-fitting tools raise and manage capital. Hardware companies trust Twist to raise and manage their debt. Confidence with the data you present. Journey to bankability.

Close debt funding faster


Great capital markets relationships are fostered on Twist. Find the right partner and build a plan for scale.

Automated debt capital operations


Twist streamlines your financial operations, automating the deliverables set out in your credit agreement.

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