Simple pricing for all

We ensure fair pricing that's dependent on your scale. Reducing the cost of capital and management fees for both parties.



of total loan

Providing reporting, protocols and accounting for the successful management of the SPV

Environmental Data Access fee (0.75%)
Twist will facilitate access to more affordable green bonds, thereby enhancing the financial viability and environmental credentials of the deal.

Risk Monitoring and Accounting fee (0.75%)
Twist will provide continuous risk monitoring services, ensuring the stability and performance of the assets encompassed in the SPV.

preliminary assessment


At Twist, we provide an initial assessment of your fleet and its data readiness at no cost.

Initial assessment
Financial institutions invite asset operators to the platform so both parties can collaborate on the platform, free of charge.

In-depth ratings

When a deal is in deeper due diligence and more comprehensive predictions are need, we offer in-depth assessments at customised rates.