Keeping your data safe is our priority

Datacenter security

All our platform infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud Platform (“GCP”) facilities, with internal services hosted within virtual private clouds “VPC” we configure and manage to safeguard against unauthorised network requests.

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Encrypted transmission

All sensitive user data is transported securely, encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest. Encrypting your data provides an additional layer of protection towards events such as unauthorised modification and man-in-the-middle attacks, etc. We use 256-bit SSL/TLS.1.2 encryption, and industry-standard AES-256 algorithms respectively.

Platform Architecture Design

Our platform is designed to follow microservices architecture design principles, meaning our services and their underlying backend components are decoupled from each other. This enables us to automatically scale infrastructure based on demand, with minimal impact to business operation.

Infrastructure resources are created directly from code instruction, commonly referred to as "Infrastructure as Code" (IaC). Backend infrastructure is frequently replaced, as part of our continuous deployment pipeline to ensure consistent and version controlled environments.

Protected personal data

We’re committed to keeping your personal data safe. We’ve built Twist in compliance with industry best practices and major laws like the GDPR and the CPPA.